July 4 Events and Activities in Sarasota and Lido Key

We need no reminder that 2020 was a challenge. But with a big summer planned, visitors the world over are ready to celebrate big, boldly, and with all the friends and family they can.

It is time to have an unforgettable July fourth, and no place better than the iconic Lido Key and Sarasota, known for their beaches, and exceptional Lido Key vacation rentals.

We take a look at the excitement bubbling up over the summer, specifically in and around the July fourth holiday. 

Visit Lido Key During the Holiday Season

What makes the summer holiday season unique in Lido Key and Sarasota? It’s the lovely and windy weather, the numerous summer-suitable attractions, and the warm water. 

Big events are back on, and the anticipation has never been higher. Be sure to lock in your Lido key accommodations today, and don’t miss out on a special and way-too-long-delayed summer of sparks and thrills.

woman packing her suitcase

Lido Key Weather & What To Pack

The weather during the summer is far more favorable than many other parts of Florida. A big reason is a coastal breeze that dramatically cools things off. The breeze from either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico has a hard time penetrating the dense urban areas of Miami and Tampa. Of course, inland cities like Orlando simply bake during the summer!

The weather often remains around 70 degrees due to the cooling winds of the gulf. Lido Key, in particular, is generally cooler. And fortunately for you coastal guests, the water is never far!

packed open suitcase full of summer outfits

To save some money and time, we suggest packing a few core essentials. If you don’t bring them, you will absolutely have to pick them up. Perhaps the most essential is sunscreen. We suggest no less than 30SPF. We also recommend natural sunscreen. Not only is it better for your skin, but it is far better for marine life and natural water ecosystems. 

We also suggest bringing along some towels and keeping them in your chosen mode of transportation. Not only is a towel helpful after a day on the beach, but it’s great even if you don’t get in the water. Simply soak off any sitting sweat, and you will instantly feel a bit better. Towels also help keep the sand at bay if you use them as seat cushions.

Other essentials include sunglasses, a map, an extra phone charger, some beach chairs, a cooler, and a reusable water bottle. You do not want to burn through water bottles on your trip. It’s wasteful and annoying to have to keep in stock. If you forget any essentials, check out our preferred partners, you might even be able to snag a deal!

Activities Near Lido Key Vacation Rentals

Ready for some fun? Lido Key and Sarasota host tons of family-friendly activities and places to visit during your stay. We take a look at our five favorites whether you stay for a weekend or a month. Add them to your summer bucket list!

Marie Selby Gardens

 The Marie Selby Gardens is gorgeous park space, a 15-acre botanical garden brimming with life. It makes for a very romantic escape if you go early in the morning or towards dusk. The garden features mostly nature trails, plaques for information on the plants, and even some wildlife sightings.

Ringling Museum of Art

 You may recognize the word “Ringling” from the Ringling circus. The Ringling Museum is home to a spacious courtyard and historical art gallery, a sculpture garden, and numerous walking trails. It’s one of the best ways to experience Sarasota’s history and culture. It also features the titular Ringling Hall, a massive space filled with circus trains, Ringling memorabilia, and other circus-themed experiences. It is all the hard work and dedication of John and Mable Ringling. 


We highly recommend getting the crew together for a kayak trip. It’s an eco-friendly way to experience nature. Sarasota is home to hundreds of small passageways where you can really get off the beaten path. There are many providers, but Sea Life Kayak Adventures and Almost Heaven Kayaks are the best. It’s not just kayaking. You can nab a standup paddleboard or canoe for a bit of water-bound fun. The most common way to kayak is via a guided tour. But visitors can also opt for an open two-hour trip with a dedicated area they can go to and can explore at their leisure.

Boat Charter

You can fish or simply cruise. Go offshore or stick to the coast. There are so many ways to experience the summer fun of a local boat charter excursion.

Nature trails

An exploration of Sarasota nature trails alone could probably fill a book. Still, we recommend getting as close to the water as possible. The Lido Key trail delivers the goods- a 5.5-mile in-and-out mostly-flat romp along the sandy gulf coast.

There’s so much more to do we couldn’t possibly cover here, from the aquarium laboratory to biking and everything in between. Contact us for more on the various summer adventures of Lido Key.

Events Near Lido Key Rentals

Ready to really dig into some fantastic Sarasota events for the summer? Sarasota is ready to come back swinging. We cover just three events expected for the summer season.

Powerboats by the Bay

This boat-focused romp is a great time for water lovers. The July fourth weekend at Centennial Park, from noon to 5 p.m., Friday to Sunday becomes filled with high-end powerboats decked out with decorations, flags, and more. It’s all in pursuit of the winning title- enthusiasts strive for victory in the Powerboat and Jet Ski Races. Qualifying races start the weekend off. And by Sunday, racers are moving for the gold. The awards ceremony is expected at the Sandcastle Resort on Lido Beach.

Siesta Key Fourth of July Fireworks

Siesta Key hosts this special Fourth of July annual event. Grab dinner and beer, find a peak view, and enjoy fireworks over the bayfront at 9 p.m. Tickets are available for a special viewing location, but visitors can simply join along for fun for Siesta Key Fourth of July Fireworks.

Fireworks Spectacular Over Sarasota Bay

 On July fourth, the Fireworks Spectacular Over Sarasota Bay begins nice and early. Spend the day enjoying a barbecue, cookout contests, and games alongside Sarasota Bay. Then find a spot at Island Park or Bayfront Park for the 9 p.m. celebration. General attendance is free to the public, though games and food are additional.

There are many other events, like the Nathan Benderson fireworks on the Lake, the North Point Freedom Fireworks, and the Firecracker Festival, to name a few. St Armands Circle hosts a variety of events every summer, especially around the fourth. Some are welcoming for families while others have a late-night vibe.

We suggest staying connected to the various event leaders for up-to-date information about required tickets, attendance limits, activities, and more. All features are subject to change.

Be Our Guest

All the while, be sure to review our list of available Lido Key vacation rentals for the summer. Lido Key rentals are moving very fast as more and more guests come from a long social hibernation. Now is the time to see the world. Now is the time to settle the dates and activities for your long-delayed vacation. We make every stay exciting, designing the experience around what you want and deserve.

Where To Eat in Lido Key

So, where can you grab a bite to eat? Boy, where do we even start?

As always, it depends on the type of experience you are looking for. Some of our favorite locations include the Spanish-focused Columbia, its high-end authentic assorted Spanish dishes, and the Old Salty Dog for its authentic Old Florida vibes. La Creperie is an excellent brunch choice for French crepe sweets. At the same time, Café L’Europe merges genuine European cuisine with inventive modern dishes. We can’t recommend the Lobster Bisque enough.

There are also some newer restaurants in the mix. We love the Shore Restaurant, with everything from shrimp and scallops to fried chicken and vegan options. The Dry Dock Waterfront Grill features some of the best views in the whole city. A gorgeous two-story dining area gives you the best opportunity to appreciate the glassy water and incoming boats in neighboring Longboat Key.

When you add the surrounding island communities to the mix, you can find hundreds of fantastic local dining spots. Start your own search today and dig up even more restaurant locales you never would have discovered!