Plan For Lido Key Weather

Lido Key weather is beautiful year-round, making it one of Florida’s most attractive vacation spots. Not only is the weather enjoyable, but the area is filled with luxury spots that will make you feel like you are out of this world. 

Weather in Lido Key Florida changes throughout the year and to help you plan for your vacation, we have gathered everything there is to know about it and how to prepare for the ultimate vacation in Lido Key. 

Lido Key Weather

Our Lido Key rentals are located in Sarasota County in Florida. Because of the location, it doesn’t get as cold here in the winter as it does in other parts of the country. And during the summer, you can always expect sunny days to keep you warm! 

If you are wanting to enjoy some of the outdoor activities that the city has to offer, the Lido Key Florida weather in the summer would be best for you. On the other hand, if you would rather keep cool and go for walks without worrying about the heat, then the winter weather in Lido Key, FL is perfect for you. Let’s explore what the weather looks like during each season of the year. 


The fall weather in Lido Key is a beautiful time to travel to avoid large summer crowds and still catch some warm sun rays. In September, you can expect the weather to reach a high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a low to be 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That is still warm enough weather to enjoy some water activities. 

Once October and November roll around though, the weather starts cooling off, particularly noticeably in the nighttime. The high in October is 87 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, while in November the high is 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 58 Fahrenheit degrees. 


In the winter, the weather drastically cools off. In December, the highest temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, with a low of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. January cools off even more and you can expect the highest temperature to be 71 degrees Fahrenheit while the lowest drops to 53 degrees. In February the high is 74 degrees while the low is 56 degrees. 

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The spring season in Lido Key starts warming up and you might enjoy traveling here because of that. You can expect the highest temperature in March to be 74 degrees Fahrenheit while the low will be 57 degrees Fahrenheit. 

April warms up even more and you can expect a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 61 degrees. Once May rolls around though, the end of the month begins to see temperatures as high as 87 degrees, and the low is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. 


For the best Lido Key beach weather though, you will want to travel here during the summer. That is because starting in June, the weather reaches a high temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 71 degrees. 

July and August are the warmest months of the year with highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s. Expect to catch some sunny days filled with warmth and humidity as well! 

What to Pack

Traveling to Lido Key is a beautiful experience and to make the most out of your vacation, especially if you are traveling to the beach, you have to make sure that you pack everything you need. Certain essentials can make your vacation at the beach a much more enjoyable one. We have done a bit of research for you to help you determine what items you should bring to the beach.

Once you find the perfect bag for your trip, you are ready to start filling it up with essential items to make your day the perfect beach day. You will want to pack sunscreen and sunglasses as the Florida sun can be very bright and even if you don’t think you need sunscreen, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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If you plan on getting in the water, you should wear your bathing suit and pack an extra set of clothes. Instead of wearing closed-toed shoes, wear sandals to make it easier to get around the beach. You probably will end up walking around barefoot anyways! 

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you pack effectively for your vacation in Lido Key, whether you plan on visiting the beach or not. Plan to layer your clothes to pack the least amount of clothing items possible. You can pack things like tank tops, shorts, and sundresses to wear during the day and if it cools down, you can always throw on a light jacket or cardigan. Don’t forget to pack your pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Where to Stay

Booking your trip to Lido Key is only complete after you book your stay through us at Lido Key Vacations. Our unique and luxurious Lido Key rentals offer tranquility and beautiful views of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Enjoy nearby golfing, fishing charters, and more while receiving exemplary customer service from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our rentals near the beach offer you plenty of amenities including spacious living and dining areas, private bedrooms, and vendor discounts, and are within proximity to various attractions in the area. 

We offer rentals in various sizes to ensure we meet all of your vacationing needs and you can easily find them with five, six, seven, or even eight bedrooms, depending on how many people you are traveling with. We also have plenty of homes with pools for you to enjoy swimming and hosting outdoor parties for your guests. Additionally, for those that are traveling with their furry friends, there are plenty of pet-friendly options for you to choose from as well. 

Our vacation rentals in Lido Key are nearby plenty of things to do including shopping boutiques where you will find luxurious, one-of-a-kind items. We are also nearby some of the fresh local seafood that Lido Key has to offer!