How To Use Your Home

Smart Locks

These smart locks are on every single one of our properties at Lido Key Vacations. You will need the code to both lock and unlock the door.

Smart Lock

Smart Thermostats

Watch this video to learn how to operate the smart thermostat in your Lido Key vacation home. They work just like a regular thermostat except they set some thresholds. The thermostat won't let you go below or above a certain temperature. The thresholds are in place to protect the HVAC system.

Ecobee Thermostat

Door Sensors

Please be aware we have sensors on all our doors, sliding glass doors, and windows at our Lido Key vacation homes. They are there to protect the HVAC system. If a door or window is open for 3 minutes it will send an alert to the thermostat to shut the system off. Once the door or window is shut, the system will turn back on in 3 minutes.

Door Sensor

Pool Remotes

Here is how to use the pool remote for your Lido Key vacation rental. Please select the video below based on which pool remote your pool has to learn more.

Pool Remote 1

Pool Remote 2

Pool Remote 3

Residential Elevators

Here is an easy-to-follow "How To" video about using the elevator in our Lido Key vacation rentals.

Automatic Door

2 Door Elevator

Natural Gas Grills

There is a live feed of natural gas running to each of our natural gas grills. Learn how to appropriately use them here.

Natural Gas Grill with Timer

We are thrilled that you are on your way to visit Lido Key and are staying in one of our luxury vacation homes during your trip. Please review the video gallery below to learn how to safely operate the grill, elevator, pool remote, or other amenities and features in your rental home.