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Frequently Asked Questions About COVID Insurance Coverage

When does trip cancellation coverage begin and end?

Your Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 AM the day following your payment for the policy. If the guest does not cancel prior to check-in and they arrive on their original scheduled check-in date the Trip Interruption Coverage would then go into effect at check-in and would end at check-out.

Is this revision being retroactively applied to any past policies where this may apply?

This has been our stance regarding guests that contract Coronavirus since March so there should not be many, if any, that were denied. If you have any guests who contracted Coronavirus, were seen in person by a doctor and the doctor advised them not to travel and their claim was denied, please let me know. Cancellations due to: fear of travel, the possibility of contracting Coronavirus, beach/restaurant closures, vacation rental restrictions, and government advisement to stay home and self-isolate would not be covered.

Is this only for new policies?

This applies to all policies; ones previously purchased and ones that may be purchased in the future. Keep in mind general rules still apply, the policy can only cover unforeseeable events therefore, the policy would need to be purchased prior to someone getting sick.

When does COVID coverage apply?

Coverage could apply if the guest, their traveling companions or non-traveling family members contracted Coronavirus and met the policy terms and conditions for sickness; the sickness would need to occur during the coverage period, in-person doctor’s visit during the coverage period and signed physician’s statement are required for travelers to receive coverage.

Testing positive for COVID

If you or someone in your family or travel group tested positive for COVID-19, you will need proof to file a claim. The lab results from the in-person testing are sufficient, so you will need to make an appointment with your doctor.  More specifically, the insurance company will require the attached Physician’s Statement (page 4 of claim packet) filled out by their treating doctor.

“Under any plans that include coverage for sickness, we are providing coverage if a traveler, family member or traveling companion contract COVID-19.”

To learn more, visit Generali Travel Insurance COVID-19 FAQ page.

Does this include contracting COVID-19 while traveling?


If a guest is in quarantine are they covered?

We would not track their symptoms or quarantine period. We would just need to see they contacted the virus while their coverage was in effect, that they were seen in period by a doctor, and the doctor advised not to travel.

Does coverage include accommodations AND all other expenses (such as rental cars, fishing charters, tours or excursions)?

The policy would only cover the amounts they are insured for, I believe your software system only calculates the insurance based on the rental costs paid to you.