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There are plenty of good reasons why Lido Key rentals are abundant, but we are proud that our accommodations stand out from the rest. Not only will you be close to some of the best attractions around, but you’ll have a customized stay in the highest quality Lido Key rentals. Instead of the shared experience you may have at a hotel, your stay with us will be completely unique and private, and you’ll have the benefit of our incredible Lido Key amenities. We are happy to provide a secluded and specialized rental for your family or group.

Lido Key Vacation’s Owner Services

Our homes gross $75,000 – over $350,000 per year!

Go with the best choice for property management services for your luxury home on beautiful Lido Key, Florida. We can work with you to generate substantial income using your vacation home.

If you are tired of:

  • Visiting your home and finding it in a condition you aren’t happy with?
  • Seeing your monthly and annual revenues decrease?
  • Frustrated by all the changes that have been occurring, such as new fees?

Learn what makes us different from other property management companies in the Sarasota area.

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Compared To The Competition:

Net Booking Value per Home


Average Daily Rate


Cancellation Rate

500% LOWER

What Does Our Lido Key Property Management Company Offer?

Our property management team is in charge of the significant aspects of your home, from answer inquiries and converting those leads into sales, to meeting the guest at the home and then walking the property after their departure. They are also responsible for guest relations, quality control inspections, and overseeing our preventative maintenance programs and improvements completed by our in-house, Full Service Maintenance Department.

This approach creates an unmatched level of familiarity, expertise, and accountability for our team and your investment property asset. As an investment property owner, you know the value of your home and how important it is to preserve that value. As your partner, it is our goal to do just that, or preferably, increase your home’s value. We accomplish this through:

  • Asset Preservation
  • Revenue Management
  • Incredible Customer Service
  • Strict Quality Control Practices

We want our guests, our owners, and our neighboring community members to benefit from the way we run our business.

What Is Our Commission?

Our commission is 20%, and our contract clearly defines this commission structure and any owner expenses, including our monthly accounting fee, and there are no hidden fees. We only get paid for the reservations we receive and manage. We are your partners, and a partnership is based on trust and respect.

It is imperative when vetting your management company that you understand the rental structure of your agreement. Many companies have hidden fees, charge the owner for the credit card processing (up to 3% cost), or charge exorbitant fees that are actual profit centers for the company that is not actually tied to expenses. Many of these deceptive tactics have made many homeowners think they were paying less than a 20% commission when in reality, they were paying far more. Also, many companies try to inflate their gross annual rental projections by including taxes in fees in their analysis. In most cases, the homeowners’ actual income is ONLY the rental rate received minus the management companies commission.

Fees and taxes should be tied directly to expenses and operating costs, so these are expenses and not earned income. If a property management company shows you gross annual rental revenues, including fees and taxes, this is a deceptive tactic to inflate their projected rental values for your home. Transparency is vital, and we are always happy to discuss our fee structure and how it protects you, the homeowner, and our gross annual rental revenues will always just include the rental rate, and they are almost always higher than our competition.

What Services Are Included In Our Commission?

Our years of experience have taught us to do things a little differently.

Property Management is more than marketing and renting a home. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a full service, boutique-style property management solution for your home. Our company comprises very skilled and capable persons that go above and beyond.

  • Our team is available 365 days a year.
  • After-hours personnel is staffed 7 days a week for emergencies only.
  • Our onsite staff inspects your home before and after every guest stay.
  • We have a team of reservationists and guest services agents to handle phone calls, emails, inquiries, and our travel site messages.
  • Our team’s goal is complete customer satisfaction.

We have an in-house accounting team to handle all bill pays (landscaping, pool service, pest control, etc), rental taxes, and owner statements for your home. They also handle all registration for State and County rental registration.

We market your home aggressively through our website and every viable online travel site, tour operator, and search engine available.


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We also work with a third-party marketing agency that specializes in vacation rental marketing using a mix of PPC, social media, content, and email marketing.

  • We use Smart Technologies for door sensors, thermostats, and E- Locks that eliminate hard keys and ensure your home is secure at all times via individual guest codes.
  • We are partnered with Noise Aware to reduce noise-related guest issues and damage to your home. Monitors are placed inside and outside the home to ensure the comfort of neighbors. If the noise level exceeds the predetermined threshold for 3 minutes, the property manager is alerted and can notify the guests.
  • The smart home technology helps reduce utility bills and offers additional peace-of-mind for guests, neighbors, and homeowners.

Want to know more about how we work to be good members of the community and foster neighborliness?

All of our homes are under the care of licensed and insured professionals. We have contracts at every home for lawn care, tree trimming, fertilization, pest control, and pool services. Our full-service maintenance team and dedicated property managers make sure that our homes are always meticulously maintained so that our homes are a great representation of our professional management and stunning community.

  • The full-service maintenance team is staffed 7 days per week. Billable hours charge will apply.
  • Our maintenance team has multiple preventative maintenance programs designed to address: HVAC filter replacement, sprinkler system inspection, pool equipment inspection, home appliance checks, pressure washing, and much more.
  • Preventative maintenance programs occur on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually basis.
  • They also perform reactionary maintenance that results during guest usage.
  • Our maintenance team is able to address as-needed repairs as well as scheduling and coordinate larger improvement projects with sub-contractors.
  • We only work with trusted vendors who are licensed and insured to care for the important systems of your home.

  • All of our homes are cleaned and inspected by professional and insured housekeeping companies.
  • All Linens and Towels are commercially laundered off-site to ensure quality and safety standards using the OZONE system that provides 100% sanitization.
  • All LKV team members and our professional housekeeping partners are Certified Bed Bug Inspectors.

Ready For Success?

We’re more than property managers, we’re your partners, focused on our mutual success. If you succeed, we succeed, and that is how it should be. Success isn’t just about revenue with us, it also involves maintaining the property and lowering the depreciation of your assets, ensuring quality stays for our valued guests and reducing the impact of short term rentals on our community.

Our approach is designed to create an unparalleled level of accountability and quality control to ensure lasting relationships with our guests and our owner partners. We look forward to hearing from you, answering any questions you may have, and hopefully welcoming you into our rapidly-growing LKV Family.